About Us

At Inttec USA LLC., a company specialized in evaluating the integrity of pipelines and static equipment, we work to satisfy the needs of our customers and other interested parties; meeting the quality standards established in the international Norms, regional regulations and best practices.
Its headquarters are in Houston, and its regional headquarters for Latin America is Venezuela. Additionally, we have finalized an agreement to enter Mexico. Commercial negotiations are currently being carried out through strategic alliances to serve the markets of: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Peru.
We believe that the opportune, professional and personalized responses we provide to our customers make an exceptional difference in the pipeline and static equipment integrity assessment services field.
We are committed to provide innovative and specialized solutions and to be a safe and reliable ally, with respect for quality and social responsibility.
Our efforts are aimed at maintaining a high level of operational excellence through continuous improvement of the quality management system.


To offer services of integrity assessment of pipelines and static equipment to the industrial field, based on international standards and practices, combining the knowledge of the specialized personnel and the application of advanced technologies; with a high quality service; oriented to satisfy the requirements of the clients and whose benefits result in our employees, community and environment.


To consolidate ourselves as a leading company in pipelines and static equipment integrity assessment services in the national market, to expand internationally and to be recognized by our high level of competence, quality of service and professional ethics.

Organizationals values


It implies the effort and maturity that we have to fulfill our commitments in an estimated time and with the best quality standards.


We act in a correct and attentive manner, respecting the dignity of our customers, suppliers and the staff of our company.


Is the ability and conviction we have to meet the goals and achievements thanks to the effort and commitment that we make as a team.


we always act with honesty and transparency in everything we do, we do the right thing even if it means the loss of business, we fulfill our commitments and responsibilities, we treat our employees and customers with fairness and respect.


We are aware of the importance of accomplishing our work within the stipulated time.


We promote a spiritual culture within the organization, which leads to a harmonious and balanced work environment.