Unpiggable Pipeline Integrity
Assessment Service
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Cathodic Protection Services Inttec, performs activities of evaluation, monitoring,
design and installation of cathodic protection systems
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Georeferencing and
Data Collection
Our equipment has a positioning services with real-time
differential correction by integrated satellite
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We guarantee the execution of our services by providing the necessary human, technical and infrastructure resources to respond adequately to the demands of the sector, generating trust and recognition from our customers.

Human talent

Our fundamental heritage is the human component, which is why we provide opportunities for development and growth within parameters of efficiency and effectiveness, thus strengthening our performance.

Civil Liability

We recognize that the essence of any organization is framed in the respect of ethical values, people, community and the environment; therefore, we are committed to carry out necessary programs to reach the standards established in these aspects.


The behavior of the members of the company, is based on honesty, integrity, justice and loyalty.

Welcome to Inttec

At Inttec USA LLC, we work to satisfy the needs of our customers and other interested parties; meeting the requirements established by the most recognized standards, national and regional regulations, and best industry practices.
Our headquarters is in Houston, and other regional bases are located in Venezuela and Argentina, to serve the Latin American market (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and Peru).
We believe that the opportune, professional, and personalized responses that we provide to our customers make an exceptional difference in the pipeline and static equipment integrity assessment services field.
We are committed to providinginnovative and specialized solutions and, to be a safe and reliable ally, with respect for equality and social responsibility.
Our efforts are aimed at maintaining a high level of operational excellence through the continuous improvement of our products and services.

Inttec USA LLC.

A company specialized in evaluating the integrity of pipelines and static equipment, we work to satisfy the needs of our customers and other interested parties; meeting the quality standards established in the international Norms, regional regulations and best practices.

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Our service intents to provide to our customers (Pipeline Operators) a means to improve the safety of their systems and help them to meet the goal of error-free, spill-free, and incident-free; ensuring that there are no adverse effects on employees, the environment, the public, or customers.

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