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Web optimization is about increasing the visibility of websites in search engines, that is, when researching on Google, Yahoo!, Bing or any other search engine, your website occupies the first results.

This optimization process is known as web positioning or SEO (search engine optimization), and is determined by more than 200 factors that are in constant change. Some of the most relevant are the popularity of the site and the importance that users give to the content of the site.

Of the many factors that you can use to optimize your website, some of the most important are the following:

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A Meta-Title is the tag that specifies the title of each article on your website, it points the user and search engines to the topic. All articles on your website must have a different title. To optimize a Meta-Title you should take into account the following tips:


A Meta-Description is a summary of an article on your website. One of its main purposes is to increase the CTR, which is a metric that is calculated by dividing the number of clicks an article had by the number of impressions it reached in the SERP. The Meta-Description should consist of a small paragraph, no more than 150 to 155 characters, depending on the search engine (in the case of Google, only a maximum of 160 are displayed).

In the description, words from the user’s search usually match words from the description. When this happens, the words in the Meta-Description are bolded in Google. To optimize the Meta-Descriptions you must take into account the following points:

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Synthesize the information in the article.

Atractive Description

Make a description that is attractive to the user, so that the CTR will increase. You can add capital words, emoticons, keywords, among other elements.

Unique Descriptions

Use different descriptions for each item on your website.

Related Meta Tags

It is important to avoid Meta-Descriptions that are not connected to the information on the web or a description only with keywords. You should not put all the content of the post either.


It is recommended to make URLs simple and clear to achieve an organized website. In order to do this, you must categorize the URL of each article, such as:


This will simplify the tracking of page articles in search engines and help prevent the user from getting confused because the URL cannot be easily identified. It is important to take into account the following factors for its optimization:

  • Use words in the URL, so the user will remember better and can find the link to the site easily.
  • Use keywords in URLs, such as: In this case, the key word is “learn English in one month”.
  • Avoid any long URLs, with unnecessary parameters and numbers. Do not use generic names or words repeatedly, in addition to names in the directory that are unrelated to the information on the web.

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Website Loading speed contributes to the user experience on the website. If a site takes a long time to load, the user automatically tends to close the page. To optimize the loading speed of a website, three important elements should be taken into account:

  • Images: Images can give the impression of being a simple component of a website, however, you can optimize their use, because sometimes a page takes a long time to display because the images they contain are very heavy. That’s why it’s important to keep the following in mind: Use images that don’t weigh much or reduce their size with photo editors like PhotoShop or Gimp.


  • Code Minification: Website code minification consists of eliminating unnecessary or surplus information from a resource, without affecting the way search engines process the page, i.e., reducing the weight of source code files by eliminating or changing redundant data, such as repeated code, junk, unnecessary, external functions, etc.

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  • Cache Implementation: Caching is a method that allows you to save the data in the page’s memory to reach it quickly, eliminating the need for the web server to generate the content again through a database query or any other process. This helps improve the performance and stability of the website. Avoid any loading speed optimization procedure if you are unfamiliar with the technique to be used, as it may adversely affect the operation of the website.
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